R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Sometimes when watching a movie I'll think I recognize a particular actor only to have mistaken them with another, just based on them having similar looks. For example, I've frequently mistaken Tom Waits for Ron Perlman and John Lithgow for John Cleese. Yeah, I know, some of you probably don't see those resemblances--not to mention Perlman is a lot bigger than Waits and Cleese isn't exactly known for dramatic roles--but apparently this is just the way I see things.

Anyway, I have a new one for the list: Paul Dank (the pastor from There Will Be Blood) and Jimmi Simpson (the gamemaster from Knights of Badassdom and the hacker from White House Down). They look so much alike and I'll swear up & down that one is the other until proven wrong by IMDb.

Anyone else find themselves frequently mistaking one actor with another based on appearance?

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