R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Blood Moon

For the record, Monday night we completely missed out on viewing the Blood Moon, which in our area was scheduled to occur somewhere between 2am and 5am. That evening we'd received some snow and it was still fairly cloudy, so we assumed it'd remain overcast throughout the night and obscure the moon. Furthermore, the windows of our apartment have east and west facing views, and since the Blood Moon would take effect while in the south, we most likely would've had to go outside to see it, which is tricky with a sleeping baby to look after.

Anyway, we did not wake to see the Blood Moon, however it seems the skies cleared up that night and the view was quite wonderful, and of course all our friends on social media had their play-by-plays available for me to read the next morning.

Actually, Tuesday morning at around 5:30 during my walk to the bus stop I did spot the moon low in the west, probably about half an hour before is set, but it wasn't red.

Anyone by chance get to see it?

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