R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

It’s Been Sitting in My Fridge for the Past Six Months …

Don’t worry. It’s not a severed head.

In my fridge, stored in a black leather shaving kit bag, I have six 4x5 film holders, each loaded with two transparency sheets. I placed the bag in our fridge around mid-September, the sheets passed their expiration date around late August, and then my dad passed away in early October, and since that point I haven’t been in the mindset to take any more still lifes, nor do I have the spare time, what with a toddler running around the house. I’m not upset or anything--just an observation. It’s typical for variables in one’s life to take precedent over hobbies and interests. As you get older, responsibilities mount and it’s hard to make time for such things. Eventually you have to whip yourself back into action or else risk dropping the hobby entirely.

That said, even though the sheets are nearly six months passed their expiration, they should be perfectly fine to shoot on since they were refrigerated. Some sunny, weekend afternoon in near future, probably when Colin is down for his nap, I’ll dust off my view camera, let the sheets cool down to room temperature, and then try a couple shots if the light is favorable. The curtains we purchased for our home office should help with controlling the light, even if it’s a little cramped due to Rani’s desk, which we moved out of Colin’s bedroom, her former office, at the beginning of the year. Hummm. Perhaps I should consider moving potential photo operations to the dining room …

Anyone else experience the guilt of having neglected a once cherished interest or hobby?

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