R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Calumet Photo

Yesterday it was announced that Calumet Photographic, a Chicago-based camera supply and photo services provider, would be immediately shutting down all their US stores and filing for Chapter 7. Wow. I'm actually kind of surprised, even considering the state of the industry and the disadvantage of brick & mortar stores.

A few years back we purchased a set of 750w travelites from their Goose Island shop, and over the course of that next year we bought a third 750w as well as some needed accessories for our home studio. The lights work great for our needs, and when one wasn't recycling properly I was able to take it back to the Goose Island shop and they repaired it without charge, as it was under warranty. Good service.

With this news of Calumet filing for Chapter 7, obviously I'm concerned that if one of the travelites would again be need of repair, or even if we needed something simple like a replacement bulb for the modeling light, then we'd be in a pickle. However, given the number of professional photographers who use their equipment, I'm sure some avenue will open up.

*little voice* I hope!

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