R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Inventory # 13: White Queen Poster

In our dining room hangs a reproduction of a 1984 pastel of the White Queen by illustration artist Mary Wilshire. Rani's brother-in-law, who also happens to be an avid comic book collector, gifted this poster to many years ago during one of our visits to Philly. We rolled it up for our flight home, but would you believe we accidentally left it on the plane? We called the lost & found dept at O'Hare and sure enough the cleaning people had found it behind our seats. Deciding that the White Queen was important enough to merit a trip back to airport, the following day I made a journey all the way to O'Hare to retrieve her.


Wilshire provided pencils for a the Firestar limited series as well as a couple issues of New Mutants, but she's perhaps best known for her work on Red Sonja Vol 3. So yeah, this White Queen does bear some resemblance to the She-Devil With a Sword. Behind her are various generically rendered Hellions, students of the Massachusetts Academy with rivals Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

Anyway, in addition the wonderful pastel work, I really admire Wilshire's portrayal of this subject matter. Citing the Queen's scanty ensemble and gravity defying bosom, it's an image which some might claim exhibits the much discussed "male gaze". However, I believe the composition and perspective present the central figure in powerful manner which helps to excuse the more idealized, and possibly objectifying, aspects. Oh, I'm sure some feminists would still disapprove of this image, and I'll concede to them that it's one still grounded in adolescent male fantasy, but at any rate we felt this poster worthy of being displayed in our dining room.

Also, I know my wife would really dig a white vinyl outfit such as this for her club clothes closet.
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