R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

How hard is it to just shovel your car out of the snow before trying to pull out? This morning while waiting at my bus stop I could hear the all too familiar sound of someone gunning their engine as their tires were trapped in the snow. Seriously people, shovel yourself out! Leaving the snow piled around your car not only makes it harder to pull out but also leaves the spot a mess for the next person who tries to get in. It's inconsiderate, and gunning one's engine while trapped in the snow can cause unexpected damages to the surrounding cars.

Here's a tip: Purchase a high quality shovel, like a steelcore. It might be about $20 more than you were expecting to spend, but it's worth it. Also, those flimsy plastic and wood shovels are useless and an utter waste of the material used for their production.

If all able-bodied people shoveled out their cars, "dibs" would be less necessary. And to all those who endless complain about the dibs system in the neighborhood, why not just pick up a shovel and clean up your street a little, like this person:


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