R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Cycles of Taste

When observing my history toward food and drink—specifically coffees, beers and mustards—I notice a pattern in which I immediately delved into all the specialty flavored stuff, continued in that direction until exhausting all interest, and then ultimately settled on a relatively standard but respectable offing as my preferred choice of beverage or condiment.

Basically, I’m no longer compelled to taste that coconut-cream flavored coffee, but a brew of lightly roasted Ethiopian beans would really hit the spot. The barrel-aged imperial cranberry ale with chipotle and nutmeg sure sounds tempting, but maybe I’ll just hang back with a Maudite or a Founder’s Porter. And that mustard flavored with fudge chocolate and merlot sounds quite adventurous, but a standard Dijon might fare better on my bratwurst.
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