R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Art and its Intended Output/Audience

Sometimes when watching old movies from the early 1930s it strikes me that the filmmakers probably never fathomed that someday their work would be viewed on a household television set or even a portable handheld device. I imagine they created their product with no thought of it ever being presented outside a traditional theater setting, and I find this fascinating in terms of how it may or may not have affected the execution of their work. Today's mainstream films are obviously made with interests well beyond the silver screen, and I'm sure key shots are framed with thought as to how they'll look on different formats, even iphones. Yeah, I know.

Furthermore, a museum might display a 13th century painting which was commissioned for a specific patron and obviously never intended to be seen outside of a particular church or the owner's home. If the patron or artist had known said piece would someday be presented in such a public manner, perhaps that might've impacted the finished product.


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