R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Dr. Doom's Tea

As far as Marvel super villains are concerned, there’s probably only a handful which could rival the badassery of Doctor Doom. One might naively assume him to be just an armored man in a green cloak, but he’s also a genius, scientist, sorcerer, and a benevolent ruler of Latveria, an isolated country in the Carpathian Mountains. Citing his innumerable attempts on conquer the world, usually thwarted by the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom isn’t a nice man, but his backstory involving the kidnap and murder of his mother by the demon Mephisto does paint him in a sympathetic light.

One might question whether his character is pure evil or just really misunderstood, but if one thing is certain it’s that Doom has class, and he’s often seen dining fireside at Doom Castle while conjuring up his next scheme. He’s obviously a man of exquisite tastes, and each of his meals are brought out in courses by his many servants. You think the reality TV show Kitchen Nightmares is heavy? Just imagine what Doctor Doom’s kitchen staff must have to endure!

Anyway, I’ve always wondered about the attached panel of Doctor Doom enjoying a cup of tea. It’s no surprise that he enjoys a nice spot of said beverage, although it must be awkward drinking it through that weird metal mouthpiece, but let’s get serious for a moment: What type of tea do you think he prefers? Might he an Earl Grey or a Chai man? Darjeeling? Oolong? A villian of his stature might only drink something very exclusive, like Tieguanyin. Who knows. For all I know he’s just having Lipton.


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