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Art Museum Notes for 2013 East Coast Vacation


Due to limited time I didn't get to spend as much time in the Toledo Museum of Art as I would've liked. I had to prioritize by sticking to only the European and American galleries (Yeah, I know) and even then I don't feel like I fully absorbed as many works as I'd wanted to. That said, it's a wonderful museum with a very well-rounded collection. Highly recommended!

Below is a listing of paintings on exhibit which in some way or another caught my attention:

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli - The Greyhounds - ca. 1871-1872
Adriaen van Ostade - Villagers Merrymaking at an Inn - 1652
Albert Bierstadt - El Capitan, Yosemite Valley, California - 1875
Antoine-Jean Gros - Napoleon on the Battlefield of Eylau - 1807
Artemisia Gentileschi - Lot and His Daughters - ca. 1636-1638
Bartholomeus Breenbergh - Landscape with Ruins - ca. 1630
Bartolomé Esteban Murillo - The Adoration of the Magi - ca. 1655-1660
Claude-Joseph Vernet - Evening - 1753
Cornelis van Poelenburgh - Roman Landscape - ca. 1620
Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The Salutation of Beatrice - 1880-1882
Dirck Jacobsz. - Jacob Cornelisz. van Oostsanen Painting a Portrait of His Wife - ca. 1550
Eastman Johnson - Corn-Shelling - 1864
Edward Lamson Henry - The Coming Train - 1880
Eugène Delacroix - The Return of Christopher Columbus - 1839
Francesco Solimena - The Expulsion of Heliodorus from the Temple - ca. 1725
François Boucher - The Mill at Charenton - 1758
George Henry Boughton - Early Puritans of New England Going to Worship - 1872
Gerard ter Borch, the younger - The Music Lesson - 1660s
Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, called Guercino - Lot and His Daughters - 1651-1652
Giovanni Paolo Panini - Ruins with the Farnese Hercules - ca. 1716-1717
Gustave Doré - The Mocking of Christ - ca. 1872-1883
Gustave Doré - The Scottish Highlands - 1875
Hendrik Avercamp - Winter Scene on a Canal - ca. 1615
Hendrik Cornelisz. van Vliet - The Old Church in Delft with the Tomb of Admiral Tromp - 1658
Henry Ossawa Tanner - The Disciples on the Sea - ca. 1910
Hubert Robert - The Studio of an Antiquities Restorer in Rome - ca. 1783
Isack van Ostade - Skaters Near a Village - 1640s
Izaac van Oosten - The Garden of Eden - ca. 1655-1661
Jacopo Bassano (Jacopo dal Ponte) - The Flight into Egypt - ca. 1540-1545
Jan Brueghel the Elder - A Summer Landscape with Harvesters - ca. 1610
Jan Brueghel the Elder - Landscape with a Fishing Village - 1604
Jan Davidsz. de Heem - Still Life with a View of the Sea - 1646
Jan Steen - Peasants Before an Inn - 1650s
Jasper Francis Cropsey - Starrucca Viaduct, Pennsylvania - 1865
Jean-Francois Millet - The Quarriers - 1846-1847
Jean-Siméon Chardin - The Washerwoman - ca. 1733-1739
Jean-Siméon Chardin - The Woman Drawing Water at the Cistern - ca. 1733-1739
John Frederick Kensett - Storm, Western Colorado - 1870
John Martin - The Destruction of Tyre - 1840
Jules Breton - The Shepherd’s Star - 1887
Louis Léopold Boilly - S’il Vous Plaît - ca. 1790
Lucas Cranach the Younger - Martin Luther and the Wittenberg Reformers - ca. 1543
Martin Johnson Heade - Hazy Day on the Marshes, New Jersey - ca. 1871-1875
Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Peña - Forest of Fontainebleau - 1858
Pierre-Étienne-Théodore Rousseau - Under the Birches, Evening - 1842-1843
Pieter Brueghel II - Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap - ca. 1600-1625
Ralph Albert Blakelock - Brook by Moonlight - before 1891
Sanford Robinson Gifford - The Wilderness - 1860
Thomas Cole - Landscape, The Vesper Hymn: An Italian Twilight - 1841
Thomas Cole - The Architect’s Dream - 1840
Unknown - Marriage of a Saint ("The Marriage of Henry VI") - ca. 1475-1500
Willem van de Velde the Younger - Ships in a Stormy Sea - 1671-1672
William Holbrook Beard - The Discovery of Adam - 1891
William Michael Harnett - Still Life with the Toledo Blade - 1886

And having browsed the museum's full collection online, below is a listing of those works not on display which are of interest to me:

After Jean-François Millet - The Gleaner - Unknown date
Albert Neuhuys - Mother and Children - Unknown date
Albert Pinkham Ryder - Spring - ca. 1879
Andrew Newell Wyeth - The Hunter - 1943
Charles François Lacroix - A Mediterranean Seaport - 1750
Cornelis Massys - Landscape with the Judgment of Paris - ca. 1545
Elliott Daingerfield - Westglow - ca. 1920
Evert Pieters - In the Month of May - 1899
Gari Melchers - Easter Sunday - 1910-1911
George Inness - The Tiber Below Perugia - 1871
Gustave Henry Mosler - De Profundis - 1900
Homer Dodge Martin - Normandy Landscape - 1894
Johannes Bosboom - In Trier Cathedral - 1867
John George Brown - The Country Gallants - 1876
Joseph Morviller - Skating at Medford - 1865
Lyonel Feininger - Baltic, A Recollection - 1947
Moses Soyer - Dancer Resting - 1939
Narcisse-Virgile Diaz de la Peña - Edge of the Wood - 1871
Unknown - Camp in the Adirondacks – Unknown date
Walter Granville-Smith - Southaven Mill - 1926
Walter Tandy Murch - Taking-Off - ca. 1952


I had no idea what to expect from the Palmer Museum of Art but I was pleasantly surprised with their collection of work. European and Asian galleries are found on the first floor while the second floor hosts their American, Contemporary, and Alumni pieces.

Here are the pieces on display which caught my interest:

Abbot H. Thayer – Young Woman – 1898
Alvan Fisher – Landscape – 1862
Artist Unknown – Italianate Landscape with Arched Bridge – c. 1650
Artist Unknown – Italianate Landscape with Classical Ruins – c. 1650
Attributed to Jan de Beer – Adoration of the Magi – date unknown
Attributed to Jan Mostaert – Portrait of a Scholar – date unknown
Attributed to Master Jacomo – the Denial of St. Peter – c. 1630s
Charles-Antoine Coypel – Joseph Recognized by His Brothers – 1740
Daniel Barber – The River Bridge – 1930s
Edmund Tarbell – Girl Reading – 1909
Everett Shinn – The Vaudeville Act – 1902-02
Francesco Fracanzano – Ecce Homo – 1647
Frederick William MacMonnies – The French Chevalier – 1901
George Inness – Sunburst – 1893
Giovanni Baglione – St. Sebastian Healed by an Angel – c. 1601-03
Giovanni Balducci – Christ in Glory with Apostles and Saints – c. 1586
Giovanni Barrista Boncori – The Mystic Marriage of St. Catherine – c. 1673-75
Giovanni Battista Lupicini – Penitent Magalene
Giovanni Battista Vanni – Holy Family with the Infant St. John and St. Elizabeth – 1640s
Giovanni Domenico Ferretti – The Brazen Serpent – 1736
Girolamo Forabosco – David with the Head of Goliath – 1650-60
Jacob de Wit – Mythological Figures in a Landscape – 1739
Jean-Francois Millet the younger – Landscape with Fountain – c. 1710-20
John Francis Murphy – September Noon – 1887
John Frederick Kensett – Flinstone, New Hampshire – c. 1850
John Fulton Folinsbee – Lehigh Canal – 1924-25
John Gadsby Chapman – Sabine – 1869
Jusepe de Ribera – Heraclitus – c. 1630
Lieven Mehus – Bacchanale – c. 1670
Louis Finson – San Gerraro - c. 1610-12
Lucrina Fetti and Domenico Fetti – St. Margaret – 1619
Maso da San Friano – Adoration of the Shepherds, c. 1570
Matteo Ponzoni – Two Prisoners Chained – 1630
Michele Tosini – Madonna and Child with St. John the Baptist – c. 1545-50
Paul Weber – Boulder Crossing – 1855
Peitro Vecchia – Sacrafice of Jephthah’s Daughter – 1650-60
Philip B. Hahs – Olden Time - 1880
Platt Powell Ryder – By the Hearth – 1877
Richard La Barre Goodwin – Still Life with Strawberries – c. 1885
Robert Salmon – The Low Light, Moonlight – 1828
Russell Smith – Allegheny Forest – c. 1860
Sanford Robinson Gifford – Long Branch Beach (Summer Day on the New Jersey Coast) – 1867
Severin Rosen – Still Life with Grapes – c. 1860-65
Sisto Badalocchio – Penitent Magdalene – c. 1620
Thomas Alexander Harrison – Crepuscule – c. 1880s
Thomas Bangs Thorpe – The Dance – 1833
Tompkins Harrison Matteson – The First Communion in the New World – 1858
Walter McEwen – Dutch Interior – 1886
William L. Lathrop – Summer Afternoon – c. 1915
William Merritt Chase – Still Life (Fruit, Wine Glass, and Tea Pot) – 1980
William Trost Richard – Woodland Interior, Near Germantown, Pennsylvania – 1867

Additionally, here are a handful of woodcuts from the collection which I enjoyed as well:

Grace Albee – Entangled Tractor – 1945
Thomas Nason – Gambrel-Roofed Barn – 1947
Edgar Imler – Zombie Passage – 1953
Gordon Grant – The Lifeboat – 1938


I'd known about the Brandywine River Museum for a while but during our visits to the Philly area I'd never gotten around to visiting. Well, better late than never. Brandywine was a great experience, especially given my love of American art. On the first floor you'll find a large gallery of N.C. Wyeth works, including his paintings commissioned for the illustrated editions of Treasure Island and Last of the Mohicans. Very beautiful works

The gallery directly upstairs on the second floor features a number of works of N.C. Wyeth’s teacher, Howard Pyle, as well as various of 19th century pieces. I discovered the work of Pyle during my trip to the Delaware Art Museum last year and was very impressed, and it was great to see more at the Brandywine.

The second floor also features a small but fantastic gallery of portraiture and still lifes. Here is where I found an wonderful trompe l'oeil style piece by contemporary painter Gary Erbe. Amazing. So much detail throughout, and I really sensed the weight of each object. Glad I got to see it up close because simply looking at it online doesn't do it any justice.

The third floor has galleries featuring the works of Andrew and Jamie Wyeth, and there was also an exhibition which showcased paintings by Jamie Wyeth and Rockwell Kent of Monhegan. I love the detail of Andrew Wyeth's work and his use shadow is incredible.

Here are some select paintings at the Brandywine which I really enjoyed:

David Gerber – A Pair of Greys
Edward Chalmers Leavitt - Still Life with Strawberries and Sparrows
Gary Erbe - Virtuoso
George Cochran Lambdin – Still Life with Roses
Herman Herzog - Chadds Ford, PA
James Brade Sword - Deborah's Rock
Jefferson David Chalfant - Music
John Haberle – Torn in Transit
Julian Alden Weir - Roses and Lilacs
Mary B. Mellon and maybe Fritz Henry - Moonlight Fishing Scene
Paul Lacroix - Strawberries in Landscape
Robert Spear Dunning – Still Life with Peaches and Silver Dish
Severin Roesen – Still Life, Fruit and Landscape
Thomas Anshutz - the Plowman
Victor Dubreuil - Barrels of Money
William Langson Lathrop - Delaware Valley


First off, from their website I knew that the New York Historical Society was between exhibits, but until I approached the admissions desk I had no idea this meant that mostly all of the museum was closed except for The Robert H. and Clarice Smith New York Gallery of American History on the ground floor and the Luce Conservation Center on the fourth floor. This was a major bummer for me because I'd really wanted to see Thomas Cole's "Course of Empire" series which I believe is usually hosted in the Luman Reed Gallery on the third floor. On account of the many closures, the NYHS was offering a reduced admission (from $18 to $9), which was fair enough.

Anyway, I spent a majority of my visit in the Luce Conservation Center. I love the idea of these centers and thusfar I've been to Luce sites at the MET, the Smithsonian, and the Brooklyn Museum of Art. This one at the NYHS obviously has lots of artifacts pertaining to the history of NYC--everything from pottery, silverware, weaponry, old furniture, and even items from 9/11.

In addition to a couple dozen paintings behind glass, the fourth floor had a long hallway showcasing works from the Hudson River School, many of which were by Asher Brown Durand.

Works of interest:

Albertus D.O. Browere – Catskill Landscape – 1840-50
Asher Brown Durand – Beacon hills on the Hudson River, opposite Newburg – ca. 1852
Asher Brown Durand – Butternut Tree at Haugue, Lake George, NY. – ca. 1862
Asher Brown Durand – Catskill Clove, New York – 1864
Asher Brown Durand – Chapel Pond Brook, Kenne Flats, Adirondack Mountains – ca. 1870
Asher Brown Durand – Primeval forest – ca. 1854
Asher Brown Durand – Study from Nature: Hastings-on-Hudson – ca. 1860
Asher Brown Durand – Study from Nature: Rocks and Trees – ca. 1856
Asher Brown Durand – Woodland Brook – 1859
Christopher Pearse Cranch – View on the Catskill River – 1846
Hermann Fuechsel – View of New York on the Bay from Staten Island – 1871
James McDonald Hart – View on the Normanskill Near Albany – ca. 1850
Jean-Leon Gerome – The Runners of the Pasha – 1867
John Mackie Falconer – Thomas Cole’s First Studio, Catskill, NY – 1881
Joseph Tubby – Rondout from Kingston, NY. – ca. 1870
Richardo De Madrazo – Moorish Interior – ca. 1880
Robert Havell, Jr. – View of Hudson River from near Sing Sing, NY – ca. 1850
Style of Nicolino Calyo - The Great Fire of 1835 as Seen from New York Harbor – 1936-40
Thomas Cole – Mountain Scenery – date unknown
Thomas Hiram Hotchkiss – Mount Washington, New Hampshire – 1857
Thomas Satterwhite Noble – Witch Hill (The Salem Martyr) – 1869
Tompkins Harrison Matteson – The Last of the Race – 1847
William Holbrook Beard – The Bulls and Bears in the Market – 1879
William Trost Richards – June Woods (Germantown) – 1864

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