R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

The Apple on Rifftrax ...

As I've made me aware, The Apple, one of my favorite bad movies of all time, has finally been given the Rifftrax treatment. I guess this was inevitable given the campiness of the film, though I’m not sure how much MST3Kesqe commentary you could supply to an already absurd feature. Released in 1980, The Apple takes place in the not-too-distant future of 1994 where modern society is run by a record company which forces to participate in daily dancercise, or whatever. There’s really no explaining it with a straight face, and I’m kind of hoping to make this is short post, so we’ll just leave it at that.

The movie is a weird combination of cheesy sci-fi, glam, flower power, religious-symbolism, and just plain weirdness. It’s amazing that such a bizarre film was given the go for production, let alone actually made. As far as rock musicals go, The Apple is about as obscure as they come, and the songs are as memorable as they are awful.

Seriously, Rani and I sing these to each other on a regular basis while around the house. They're just awful fun.

If you can believe it, the soundtrack is not available for MP3 download, nor was it even released on CD. That's right, it can only be obtained in vinyl format.

Yeah, I know!

Anyway, the only things which keep this movie above water, aside from the terrible songs, are its elaborate set pieces and highly entertaining choreography numbers. Given the popularity of Rocky Horror Picture Show, it’s amazing that The Apple hasn’t developed a cult following of its own. I love the movie so much that sometimes I feel I should be going door to door, handing out free DVD copies in an effort to gain converts, but alas perhaps the rest of the world just isn’t ready yet.

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