R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

CTA Fare Increase


For the record, I currently have a Chicago Card Plus. This past week I opted out of the $86 payment for December, seeing as how I won’t be commuting to and from work. I’ll most likely reactivate it for the month of January.

Payment for my 30-Day Pass will increase to $100 in 2013. No complaints here. In my opinion our public transport system in Chicago is ridiculously cheap compared to that of other major cities. Sure, some of them might be more efficient and consistently on time, but they’re usually also zoned, meaning your fare depends on how far you’re going or where you’re coming from. It looks like the CTA is starting to delve into that territory with $5 fares for riders coming from the O’Hare Blue Line, but that’s still a really good deal. Only $5 for a tourist from O’Hare to ride all the way downtown and then connect to any of the other train lines for free, or at the most a minimal transfer fee? If regular Blue Line commuters aren’t affected then I see no issue.
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