R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,


So at around 3am we woke up to a very unpleasant noise, like the sound of a bird helling for help. The cats had already popped out of bed were surveying the living room. I checked the window screens and assumed it was just a bird on the outside ledge. Not much one can do about that. But still, the noise persisted and I kept going back out to the living room to investigate. Unlike a lot of people, I have difficulty tuning out sounds in the background. Anyway, I noticed that Moo Cow has pacing around the TV monitor. I looked behind the stand and spotted what looked like a little nugget (I didn't have my contact lenses in). I poked at it with the sword and it let out that same unpleasant sound. Yep, it was a cicada. I managed to flick it out from under the entertainment center and smushed it with a paper towel. Under normally circumstances I love all creatures of the Earth and try to treat every one of them with care and kindness, but this lil' bastard cost me 45 minutes worth of sleep. Sorry, but he's gettin' smushed and them promptly flushed. No eulogy for you, lil guy.

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