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Cleveland Museum of Art and the Butler Institute of American Art

Alright. So here’s a run down of works I enjoyed from our visits to the Cleveland Museum of Art and the Butler Institute of American Art. Those in bold signify pieces of special interest.

Cleveland Museum Art

Jusepe de Rivera – Saint Jerome
Phillip de Champaigne – Portrait of King Charles II of England
Simon Vouet – Saint Mary Magdalene
Bartolome Esteban Murillo – Laban Searching for his Stolen Household Gods
Francisco de Zurbaran – Christ and the Virgin in the House of Nazareth
Northern Italy (Unknown) – Still Life with Hare, Spoonbill, and Fish
Adriaen Coorte – Gooseberries on a Table
Abraham van Beyeren – Silver Wine Jug, Ham, and Fruit
Pieter de Hooch – Portrait of a Family Playing Music
Jacob Ochtervelt – A Musical Company
Meindert Hobbema – A Cottage in the Woods
Jacob van Ruisdael – Low Waterfall in a Wooded Landscape …
Peter Wtewael – The Denial of Peter
Abraham Hondius - The Monkey and the Cat
Jacopo Bassano il Vecchio – Lazarus and the Rich Man
Georges de La Tour – Saint Peter Repentant
Francesco Conti – Return to Nazareth
Salvator Rosa ‘Witchcraft’ landscapes
Giovanni Barrista Piazzetta – The Supper at Emmaus
Andrea del Sarto – Sacrifice of Isaac
Unknown Artist – Venus Discovering the Dead Adonis
Claude-Joseph Vernet – Waterfalls at Tivoli
Francois Boucher – Fountain of Venus
Jean-Simeon Chardin – Kitchen Utensils with Leeks, Fish, and Eggs
Jean-Baptiste Oudry – A Hare and a Leg of Lamb
Jean-Marc Nattier – Portrait of a Woman as Diana
Jean-Baptiste Pater – Dancers in a Pavilion
Emanuel de Witte – Interior of a Church
Nicolas de Largilliere – Portrait of Anne Louis Coislard de Mountsabert
Willem Kalf – Wineglass and a Bowl of Fruit
David Teniers – Landscape with Peasants Dancing
Charles Meynier – Apollo and the Muses (5 separate paintings)
Jacques-Louis David – Cupid and Psyche
Fulchran-Jean Harriet – Oedipus at Colonus
Hubert Robert – Colonnade of Saint Peter’s
Hubert Robert - Grotto of Posillipo
Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson – Aurora and Cephalus
Anne-Louis Girodet de Roucy-Trioson – Sketch for “The Revolt at Cairo”
Julius Caesar Ibbetson – A Storm Behind the Isle of Wight
John Martin – Ruins of an Ancient City
John Linnell – Noah: The Eve of the Deluge
John Constable – Branch Hill Pond, Hampstead
Benjamin West – British Manufactory; A Sketch
Benjamin West – Portrait of George III
John James Audubon – Duck Hawks
Thomas Cole – View of Florence
Alvan Fisher – A Calm Watering Place
Thomas Cole – View of Schroon Mountain, Essex Country
Frederic Edwin Church – Storm in the Mountains
John Frederick Kensett – An October Day in the White Mountains
Frederic Edwin Church – Twilight in the Wilderness
Sanford R. Gifford – A Home in the Wilderness
Albert Bierstadt – Yosemite Valley
Worthington Whittredge – Landscape with Haywain
Fritz H. Lane – Harbor of Boston
William Michael Harnett – Memento Mori, “To This Favour,”
Albert Pinkham Ryder – The Race Track (Death on a Pale Horse)
William Sidney Mount – The Power of Music
Thomas Eakins – The Biglin Brothers Turning the Stake
William Merritt Chase – Portrait of Dora Wheeler
Emil Carlsen – Wood Interior
John Sloan – A Woman’s Work
John Sloan – The Rathskeller

Butler Institute of American Art

Thomas Hill – Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite
Joseph Sharp – Ration Day at the Reservation
Thomas Moran – An Arizona Sunset Near the Grand Canyon
William Keith – An Autumnal Sunset on the Russian River
Tompkins Harrison Matteson – John Elliot Preaching to the Indians
Albert J Bierstadt – The Oregon Trail
Frank Duveneck – Portrait of a Boy
Eastman Johnson – Feather Duster Boy
James Hamilton – From Sail to Steam
William Trost Richards – Lands End, Cornwall
Joseph H. Boston – The Silver Moonlight
Hugh Bolton Jones – Stockbridge Meadows
Frederick Judd Waugh – Breakers at Floodtide
Bridge Harrison – Bridge at Cos Cob
Daniel Garber – Landscape
John J Enneking – Speckle Mountain, North Newry, Maine
Robert William Vonnoh – In Fladers Field-Where Soldiers Sleep & Poppies Grow
William Merritt Chase – Did You Speak To Me?
Frank Weston Benson – Red and Gold
Childe Hassam – Manhattan’s Misty Sunset
George Gardner Symons – Silence & Evening Light
Ralph Blakelock – Twilight
Fredrich Edwin Church – In the Andes
George Coope – Fisherman’s Accoutrements
Albert Pinkham Ryder – Roadside Meeting
William Michael Harnett – After the Hunt
Charles A Meurer – A Doughboy’s Equipment
George Glenn Newell – By the Drovers Inn
William McGregor Paxton – Sylvia
Whistler – La Femme A L’Ombrelle
Allen Smith – Sheep Washing in the Reserve
H.R. Leigh – The Old Mill
Herman Herzog – Country Cabin, Summer
Claude Raguet Hirst – Companions
William Bradford – Afternoon on the Labrador Coast
Edward Moran – New Castle on the Delaware
Robert Walter Weir – Night Before Christmas
Junius Brutus Stearns – Marriage of Washington
David Gilmour Blythe – Street Urchins
John James Audubon – Fox and Goose
Joshua Shaw – Landscape with Cattle
William Louis Sonntag – Landscape
Sanford R. Gifford – Study of a Coming Storm on Lake George
Jasper F Cropsey – Sailing (The Hudson at Tappan Zee)
Asher Brown Durand – The Trysting Tree
John White Allen Scott – View on Conway Valley, New Hampshire
Seth Eastmass – Hudson River with a Distant view of West Point
Fritz Hugh Lane – Ship Starlight
Thomas Doughty – Denning’s Point, Hudson River
Alvan Fisher – View Near Springfield, Mass.
Fredrick Rondel – The Picnic
Charles H. Chapin – Adirondack Mountains
John William Casilear – Autumn Landscape
Alexander Helwig Wyant – Environs of a City
Robert Henri – The Little Dancer
Ernest Lawson – Misty Day in March
James Del Grosso – Louisville Slugger
George DeForest Brush – Thea
Cecilia Beaux – The Dreamer

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