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Thursday – Woodmere Museum of Art

Today was fairly low-key. We’d tentatively planned on visiting Baltimore, but this past week we’ve been on the road so much that the idea of embarking on a two hour drive back and forth for a day trip just seemed excessive, thus we chose to stick local. Alas, I was still in the mood to seek out some art. Yeah, the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown is currently exhibiting 42 Italian paintings from the Uffizi Gallery, but I’d much rather enjoy some American work, therefore I opted for visiting the Woodmere Museum of Art, located only a mere 20 minutes from Rani’s mum’s, instead. This particular museum places emphasis on regional artists, both past and present.

Works of interests from their permanent collection included:

Jasper Francis Cropsey – The Spirit of Peace
Edmund Darch Lewis – Waterbury River, Kearsarge and Soco, & a large scale landscape Morning in the Kaaterskill Clove
Julien Dupre – The Gleaners (or Haying Time)
Albert Rosenthal – Portrait of Charles Knox Smith
Franklin D. Briscoe – Off Cape May & Pickett’s Charge
Edward Harrison May – Lady Grey Going to Her Execution
Benjamin West – The Fatal Wounding of Sir Philip Sidney
Gustave Doyen – The First Born
Thomas Hovenden – Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady
Romain Cazes – Rebecca at the Well
Samuel Bell Waugh – Portrait of Septimus Edward Norris
Frederic Edwin Church – Sunset in the Berkshire Hills (Massachusetts)
William Louis Sonntag – A Dream in Italy
Thomas Birch – On a Rocky Coast
John William Casilear – Summer Landscape & Autumn Landscape
Gabriel Schachinger – Sweet Reflections
Sir Thomas Lawrence – Mrs. John Julius Angerstein
William Sartain – Group of Trees by the Wayside

The Cropsey painting is especially stunning and was actually the companion piece to his Spirit of War which now hangs in the National Gallery.


From there we stopped in Wegman’s, had dinner at mum’s, and then took a late evening walk around the hot happenin’ city of Hatboro.

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