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Vacation Beer Notes ...

This vacation I'm going to try keeping my beer notes separate from my daily entries. We'll see how this works out.

So Saturday night at Great Lakes' brewpub I got to try two of their beers which I've never seen in distribution: Oatmeal Stout and Grand Cru. Oatmeal Stout was pretty good and exactly what I'd expect considering their straight forward approach to each particular style. I'd say the flavor and consistency were spot on. Of course I was totally blown away by their Grand Cru--clean, crisp, and with a slight fruitiness, perhaps orange peel? ABV was listed at around 7%, though I reckon it was a bit more; after just these two pints I was out like a light upon reaching our hotel.

The next night at Otto's Brewpub in State College, Pa I had a 8oz of their Beer Engine #2 Old Fugget Barleywine. I must admit, this particular style has such a high alcohol content (between 10 and 12%) that it becomes difficult for me to discern unique flavors, unlike with Quadruples where it's a bit more obvious. Typically I find barleywines somewhat stiff, hoppy, and with a creamy consistency. Old Fugget was fine one it's own standards, but it wasn't too memorable. I'm somewhat kicking myself for not trying their Dubbel instead.

And the next night I had a couple bottles of Weyerbacher Brewing's Fireside Ale. It was advertised as having a slight 'smokey' flavor, and if you know me then you're aware that I have an affinity for smoke ales, or rather, rauchbiers. Well, it definitely had some toasty notes, but nothing I would qualify as smokey. I'm still impressed by the quality of Weyerbacher brews, and while in Pa I'll surely be picking up some more for the road.

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