R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

Large Format Still Life Notes #3

So yesterday after work I picked up my four processed chromes from CSW on Damen. Attached are some lousy camera phone pics taken on the light box. Only the one in the upper right turned out well, whereas the others were either over or under exposed or just plain uninteresting. For test shots this at least confirmed that my camera and 210mm lens are functioning properly. Here are some brief notes on each:

First photo I took is in the lower right. At f5.6 and 8/sec with 12in bellows, I'd say this was underexposed by a stop. All things considered, it would've been ideal to shoot at f8 at half a second.

Second photo is the staple removers in the upper left. Not the best choice of picture, but I wanted to experiment with the technical aspects of the lens and basically knock everything except a few small details out of focus. I'd framed this in anticipation there the background would be lit by light from the window, but that didn't pan out. Shot at f5.6 at 8 pops with 12 bellows. I guess I could've shot at f8 and tried 17 pops, but even that wouldn't have been worth it for this shot. As in the earlier photo, if I'm going to shoot these tight, up close photos, then I must at least be at f8, possibly even f11. There's just too much risk of the entire picture going soft considering all these wacky plane movements at 16in.

Third photo is in the lower left. As in the first photo, this was using 100% natural light from the window, so I had to deal with shifting light intensity. Shot at one second at f8 and one-third along with 16 in bellows, I'd say this one was over exposed by a stop. Going back, I'd have simply changed the f-stop to 11 and a half, thereby widening the focal plane and letting less light into the camera for my ideal exposure.

Fourth photo is in the upper left, and out of all the pictures I think this turned out best. At F8 with 8 pops and 12 in bellows, this was a spot on exposure, and I can see just enough detail in those highlights. This shot is actually pulled back compared to the others, and I believe it would be a more suitable direction for me. As much as I love super-up close work, it doesn't allow for a lot of variation or background.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to shooting more photos again!

Tags: large format still life
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