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Alright! Just dropped off my four sheets of transparencies at CSW Film Systems on Damen Ave. Kind of an odd location but at least it's easy to get to. From work I took the Pink Line to Ashland and walked half a mile to the lab.

Anyway, the sheets will be ready on Monday. I'm sure they'll be all over-exposed, but at least I can verify whether or not the technical aspects of my camera are in order. With all the wacky exposure compensations tried to do for these shots I'll be extremely lucky if even one is on target. Bellows factor + multiple strobe pops + shooting chrome without testing on a Polaroid is a recipe for disaster, but if I'm getting back into this game I might as well bring myself up to speed.

CSW seems like a cool place. I have to admit that 2 bucks a sheet is a sweet deal compared to the $3.50 Gamma is charging.

I decided the best route home would be to walk over to Western and take a bus up toward Lincoln Square. Hopefully these little stops to CSW don't add more than 45 mins to my commute home.

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Tags: large format still life
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