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Finally Used My View Camera! / Large Format Still Life Notes #1

So yesterday I finally got around to shooting some still lifes with my view camera. I'm more than certain the exposures will be completely off. As mentioned before, I'm using 100 Ectacrome film. First shot was at my office window utilizing the natural light shining in. Subject was a small case of shoe polish and a yellow shining cloth. This is especially tough to meter; I should've gone more towards the shadows but I was too concerned with blowing out highlights. Anyway, I ended about 16 inches of bellows and was using a 210mm lens, therefore had to compensate by two stops, bringing me to a shutter speed of 15/sec at f5.6. At the last minute I changed my shutter speed to 8/sec to let in more light. I bounced back some of the light in the attempt to fill up the shadows. Thinking back on all the variables, it's obviously going to be very underexposed.

The other shot was of three staple removers stacked on the radiator cover in the kitchen. I composed it so the natural light coming through the window would render their outline in the background, but by the time I got around to shooting the image said light had passed. I used also a strobe for this shot. Again, I had about 16 inches of bellows with a 210mm. The strobe wasn't directly hitting the subject but rather bouncing off from behind. Shadows from strobe metered at about f8 at 60/sec. At f5.6 I ended up just opening the shutter and popping the strobe eight times. Looking back, my calculation for exposure was probably off by +2, but considering how dark the subjects are perhaps this wasn't such a bad choice.

Anyway, after years and years of only talking about, at least I'm finally shooting again! I forgot how fast time flies when doing this sort of work.

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