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New Orleans Museum of Art

This past Saturday I visited the New Orleans Museum of Art which hosted some very excellent Italian, French and American galleries. Normally I’d write up and compose a huge review, going into detail about each and every work which sparked my interest, but I no longer feel I’m capable of this task, at least not to the extent I’d like to take it, as it would require way more time than I'm willing to devote. Instead I’ll provide a simple list of notable works and mark in bold those which made an impression on me.

Sebastiano Ricci and Marco Ricci - Imaginary Scene with Ruins and Figures - Italian Renaissance
Alessandro Magnasco - Landscape with Travelers - Italian Renaissance
Luca Giordano - Baptism of Christ - Italian Renaissance
Attributed to Domenico Beccafumi - Venus and Cupid with Vulcan - Italian Renaissance
Giuliano Bugiardini - Saint Sebastian - Italian Renaissance
Antonio Zanchi - Hercules Resisting the Blandishments of Fame - Italian Renaissance
Francesco d'Ubertino, Bacchiacca - Portrait of a Young Lute Player - Italian Renaissance
Luca Camviaso - Vanity of the Earthly Love - Italian Renaissance
Lorenzo Lippi - a Saint Reading - Italian Renaissance
Simone Cantarini - Madonna and Child with a Goldfinch - Italian Renaissance
Sebastiano Conca - Presentaion of the Virgin in the Temple - Italian Renaissance
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - Boy Holding a Book - Italian Renaissance
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo - St Joseph and the Christ Child - Italian Renaissance
Francesco Guardi - Esther at the Throne of Ahasuerus - Italian Renaissance
Francesco Solimena - St. Augustine Standing before St Andrew Seated with His Cross - Italian Renaissance
Giovanni Bellini and Vincenzo Catena - Madonna and Child with Saint John and Sain Peter - Italian Renaissance
Benvenuto Tisi - Meditation of Saint Jerome - Italian Renaissance
Girolamo Romanico - Portrait of a Man in Armor - Italian Renaissance
Bernardino Luini - Adoration of the Christ Child and Annunciation to the Shepherds - Italian Renaissance
Unidentified Artist - The Last Supper - Italian Renaissance
Taddeo di Bartolo - A Bishop Blessing - Italian Renaissance
Taddeo di Bartolo - Madonna Nursing - Italian Renaissance
Nicolaes Maes - Portrait of a Lady Adorned with Pearls - Dutch Golden Age
Andries Andriesz Schaeck - The Latest News - Dutch Golden Age
Quiringh van Brekelenkam - Old Woman Scraping Carrots - Dutch Golden Age
Pieter van der Bosch - Kitchen Interior with Woman Scouring Pans - Dutch Golden Age
Hendrick Gerritsz - Scene in a Bordello - Dutch Golden Age
Cornelis de Heem - Still Life with Fruit on a Ledge - Dutch Golden Age
Michel Simons - Still Life of Fruit with Lobster and Dead Game - Dutch Golden Age
Otto Marseus van Schrieck - Serpents and Insects - Dutch Golden Age
Jan Lievens - Portrait of an Old Man - Dutch Golden Age
Jan Mytens - The Martini Family - Dutch Golden Age
Thomas Willeborts Bosschaert - Venus Mourning the Death of Adonis - Dutch Golden Age
Maerten van Heemskerk - Apollo and the Muses - Dutch Golden Age
Adriaen Isenbrant - Virgin Nursing the Christ Child - Flemish
Follower of Barent van Orley - St. Anthony Dispensing Alms - Flemish
Marinus van Reymerswaele - The Lawyer's Office - Flemish
Denis Van Alsloot and Hendrick De Clerck - St. John the Baptist Preaching - Flemish
Simon Vouet - Erato, the Muse of Love Poetry - 17th Century French
Claude Lorrain - Ideal View of Tivoli - 17th Century French
Charles Joseph Natoire - Toilet of Psyche - 18th Century French
Elisabeth Louise Vigee Le Brun - Portrait of Marie Antoinette - 18th Century French
Antonie Francois Callat - Portrait of Louis XIV, King of France - 18th Century French
Henri-Antoine de Favanne - A Bacchanal - 18th Century French
Christophe Huet - Hound Guarding Hunt Trophies - 18th Century French
Francois Boucher - The Surprise - 18th Century French
Jean-Baptiste Joseph Wicar - Portrait of Colonel Antoine-Jean-Auguste-Henri Durosnel - 18th Century French
Baron Antoine-Jean Gros - Napoleon Bonaparte at the Pest House at Jaffa - 18th Century French
Chlaude Joseph Vernet - The Morning, Port Scene - 18th Century French
Hubert Robert - Stairway in the park of an Italian Villa - 18th Century French
Jean-Leon Gerome - Turkish Bashi Bazouk Mercenaries Playing Chess in a Market Place - 19th Century French
Jean-Leon Gerome - The Snake Charmer - 19th Century French
Alexandre-Marie Colin - Othello and Desdemona - 19th Century French
Adolphe-William Bouguereau - Whisperings of Love - 19th Century French
Gustave Dore - The Matterhorn - 19th Century French
Jehan Georges Vibert - The Cardinals' Friendly Chat - 19th Century French
James Tissot - Going to Business - 19th Century French
James Tissot - Terrace of the Trafalgar Tavern, Greenwich - 19th Century French
Gaston La Touche - The Masquerade Ball at the Paris Grand Opera - French Impressionists
Giovanni Boldini - Woman in Red - 19th Century Italian
Umberto Boccioni - Unique Forms of Continuity in Space - 20th Century
Rene Magritte - The Love Potion - 20th Century
Max Ernst - Everyone Here Speaks Latin - 20th Century
Benjamin West - Romeo and Juliet - American
John Genin - Pontchartrain Beach - American
John Genin - Sur Bathing, Grand Isle - American
William Henry Buck - Swamp Scene - American
William Henry Buck - Fort Massachusetts, Biloxi, Mississippi - American
Harold Rudolph - Louisiana Bayou - american
Charles Giroux - Louisiana Road Scene - American
Unidentified Maker - Louisiana Swamp - American
Richard Clague - Fisherman's Camp - American
Richard Clague - Back of Algiers - American
Richard Clague - Batture Shanty - American
William Henry Buch - Scene on Lake Pontchartrain near Mandeville, Louisiana - American
William Aiken Walker - Cotton Gin - American
Alexander J. Drysdale - Early Morning in a Louisiana Marsh - American
Knute Heldner - Swamp Scene - American
Knute Heldner - Madonna of the Cane Fields - American
George Loring Brown - Castle San Angelo, Rome - American
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