R.A.H. (againstathorn) wrote,

… it’s always better the day after.

Monday night we had Stef & her new boyfriend Drew over for lasagna. Since I get home from work an hour before Rani it was required that I do some prep work, namely boiling the noodles and lay them out to dry. While doing this I also managed to clean our huge build up of dirty dishes, clean the litter box, take out all the trash and vacuum throughout the apartment. It amazing all that I accomplished in the space of an hour. By the time Rani got home the noodles were dried and ready for her to prepare and cook for lasagna.

Stef & Drew stopped by at around 6pm and we had a nice little dinner. The lasagna turned out really well. I helped myself to about three pieces which is far beyond what any reasonably slim man should consume in one sitting. Lasagna was followed by a chocolate cake which Rani had also prepared for the occasion. I tell ya, in this household we pack in a lot of calories, but needless to say we try our best to burn them off. In the coming years it’s going to be a challenge for me to keep a trim figure, what with all her cooking and baking. Anyway, Stef & Drew made their way out at around 8:30pm, after which we exercised for a bit and decompressed before bedtime.

The next morning I managed to snag a piece of lasagna for breakfast. Lasagna is one of those rare dishes which is always better the day after it’s been made. Something about refrigerating it adds a firmness to the noodles and cheese which makes for a better dish. My only gripe about Rani’s lasagna is that she does not include cottage cheese. L

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