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Friday Night - KMFDM and Front 242!

Wow. I had such a blast Friday night. The Wax Trax show was so much fun and by the stroke of midnight I was thoroughly wiped out! Here’s a low down on the entire day:

After work I stopped off at Flanagan’s to sell him my ticket for Saturday night’s show. As you might recall I initially purchased tickets for both Friday and Saturday, at which point it hadn’t been announced which bands would be playing which nights. Once I got word that both the KMFDM set and Front 242 were on Friday and RevCo and TKK were on Saturday I decided that I’d much rather only go to the first night and bow out the second. The prospect of going to the same place two nights in a row was terribly appealing; I’d much rather have a good night of dancing at the club rather than spending another evening at the crowded Metro. I can only put up with so much. Yeah, it would’ve been cool to see the RevCo set, and I’m sure it’ll be a really fun show, but I think keeping it to one night is best for me.

Anyway, Flanagan just so happened to be looking for a Saturday night ticket so I sold him mine. We chatted for a bit and hung out with the cats. The ever-so-precious little Killer is getting plump, and boy does she look disgruntled—even moreso than usual. I made it a point to stay away from her. Vera and Severian were as sweet as ever. Sarah didn’t come out but I got to see her on my way out. It was good to see all the cats again!

Afterward I hopped on the Brown Line and went all the way up to the first car where I ran into Rani on her way home. That evening she was having dinner and a movie with Marie. I on the other hand was going to be making a stop at Lincoln Square for dinner. Rani and I chatted briefly before I got off at my stop and from there I walked down to the Bad Apple. I wanted to keep my dinner meatless if at all possible since the next morning we would be having a skirt steak for breakfast. I don’t know about you but having beef two days in a row is just too much. That said I’ve had almost everything on their burger menu anyway. I decided to get their Earthly sandwich, which had portabella mushrooms and goat cheese. Very good! Along with dinner I had a pint of Lost Abbey's Carnevale, a saison / farmhouse style ale. I’m more of a dark beer guy but this was actually really good. Recommended!

From there I went home where I got ready for the show. I should probably note that I had a bottle of another Lost Abbey, the Inferno, a strong Belgian ale that is more or less just another Duvel clone—granted it’s a really good one. As you would expect there was a lot of carbonation. Arg. Otherwise it was quite an enjoyable ale.

I actually haven’t had a Duvel in probably almost two years if you can believe that.

Yeah, I might sound like a total lush but this was the last drink I had for the remainder of the night. Yes, I drank before going to the show, mainly because I had no idea what the beer situation would be like at the Metro. As I discovered later their selection is pretty god awful so it was best I indulged beforehand.

Before going out I had to sort out the shoe situation. I really wanted to wear my dance sneakers but carrying them to the show in my little bag with intentions of changing them there would’ve really overcomplicated things so I just wore them out the door. I normally don’t take to the streets with them but I’m sure one night out wouldn’t damage them too much. I got to the show at around 7pm. There were a lot of familiar faces but honestly not a whole lot of people I know personally aside from Dennis, Liz, Therese and Bones. It was really crowded which isn’t surprising given the show was completely sold out. The opening act came on at 8pm. I hadn’t heard them before given they were an old punk band from back in the day and I’m just a wee youngin’. I played a really fun set though.

Next was Watts and En Esch playing all old school KMFDM material. The set included Don’t You Blow Your Top, A Drug Against War, Jute Joint Jezebel, Flesh, Brute, Godlike and Go To Hell as well as Pig’s Hot Hole. I managed to get pretty close to the front and rocked out the entire set. A couple rows behind us a pit started up but I managed to steer clear of them aside from a few instances. By the end of the set I’d completely blown out my voice and as I write this I’m still a bit hoarse.

After that was Front 242 who played a friggin’ hour and a half long set which included Punish Your Machine, Commando Remix, Tragedy For You, Religion, Welcome to Paradise, Headhunter, Circling Overland, In Rhythmus Bleiben, Lovely Day, No Shuffle, Quite Unusual and Body to Body. No Master Hit though! I was so disappointed! I was dancing and banging my head the entire set to the point where I had a bit of a headache afterward. Arg. So my voice was shot and my head was in pain. It was so worth it though. I had an awesome time!

Afterward Dennis was gracious enough to give me a ride home. Thanks Dennis!

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