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Jul. 21st, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

Woah. Awesome!


Jun. 3rd, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

Art for the Month of June ...

If it wasn't already apparent, I'm going to bow out of my Art for the Month of June this year. Composing daily art posts through February, March, April, and May of this year has me tired, and toward the end of last month's entries I believe my weariness was showing. When something that should be fun becomes a chore, it's time to take a break. I had a new theme for June and 30 beautiful works selected to share this month, but they'll have to wait until after I've recharged. :)

May. 31st, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

Albert Roosenboom - After the Party

Belgian painter Albert Roosenboom supplies this eye-opening artwork for the final entry of my three-month-long “Before and After the Ball” series.

What can one say? When the adults are away, the children will play, perhaps also get into some mischief. I would imagine the grown-up party-goers left their cigars and alcohol sitting out on the table, so these two kids simply helped themselves. I’m going to guess that Roosenboom intended this scene to come across as whimsical, however, modern viewers, particularly those of a Puritan mindset, would obviously be more critical, perhaps even shaming the artist for this display or deeming the adults completely irresponsible for leaving such favors accessible to the children.

May. 30th, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

Tom Glazer - Space Songs (1959)

As the second to last entry in my "Spaced Out" monthly series, I would like to share Tom Glazer's charming 1959 album 'Space Songs'. Fun for kids, and adults might even learn something. The song "Why Go Up There?" perfectly represents the spirit of the Space Age.

Constellation Jig

Why Go Up There?
Studio pic - pencil shaver

Francisco Miralles - Going to a Masked Ball

Tonight’s “Ball” selection is a fairly straight forward portrait by Catalan painter Francisco Miralles. I enjoy the palette of warm colors, but what’s most alluring about this work is who delicately our subject is holding that mask to her face. Within this colorful painting, that dark mask functions as a black void at the center of the piece.

May. 29th, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

Frederick Daniel Hardy - After the Party

Tonight’s ‘Ball” selection is by English painter Frederick Daniel Hardy. In this scene it appears that an elderly servant has fallen asleep while cleaning up after yet another party. A fellow servant, this one much younger, approaches to awaken her aged companion, perhaps asking if she needs anything, and I imagine she feels compassion for the old woman. Maybe the young servant will simply let her sleep, taking the extra workload on her shoulders.
Studio pic - pencil shaver

Rockets - Space Rock (1977)

The French space rock band known as Rockets provide today's "Spaced Out" entry. How could I overlook these guys? Strange fruit.

May. 28th, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

The Ames Brothers - Destination Moon (1958)

Today's "Spaced Out" is a super fun singing quartet rendition of "Destination Moon". Enjoy!

Studio pic - pencil shaver

William Etty - Preparing for a Fancy Dress Ball (1833)

Today’s selection is by British painter William Etty. In this scene we observe two women preparing for their night out. I’m curious about the interaction between these two. Looking outward at the viewer, the standing woman commands our attention, while the other lady, seated and flower a flower, glances up at her helpful friend. Based on this simple display, I can’t help but make assumptions about their personalities. To me, the standing woman seems brash and confident, willing to take command of a situation, while the other seems romantic and shy, likely to follow the lead of her companion. I’m sure those traits will yield different results when encountering situations at the “fancy dress ball”.

May. 27th, 2018

Studio pic - pencil shaver

Jean Jacques Perrey - Musique Electronique Du Cosmos (1962)

Throughout his long career, French composer Jean Jacques Perrey created many groundbreaking albums. Today's "Spaced Out" will spotlight is 1962 record 'Musique Electronique Du Cosmos'. The most intriguing track of this album is 'Music of the Planets'. Wild, adventurous music! Great stuff.

Music of the Planets

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Studio pic - pencil shaver

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