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Anyone here have a hobby that others might consider to be a "money pit" but which nonetheless gives you a sense of fulfillment, or at least keeps you busy?

Even though I went to school for photography, I still consider it a hobby for me, as I neither work in the field or exhibit any work. I shoot, have my stuff processed at the lab, and then take it home to examine the results. Shooting digital is not an option considering the type of work I aspire to produce. Sometimes I'll post some homemade proofs on here, but I still have yet to get anything scanned, as it's very pricey.

Anyway, I just purchased a box of 50 Provia 100F sheets for about $123.00, shipping included. That's around $2.50 per sheet, which is actually an acceptable price, granted it'll be about $2.30 to have each one processed at CSW. That said, if the vendor indeed has the item in stock, this supply will probably last me about eight months, and I think the total cost is reasonable to sustain a hobby which keeps me stimulated, even if it does come with some frustration.

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