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Paintings at the National Gallery of Ireland

While at the National Gallery of Ireland there were a number of paintings which caught my eye that I failed to write down. Later on at home I went to the National Gallery's website in the hopes of obtaining a listing of their works on display. No such listing was available so I picked myself up a used copy of a book detailing all the major works in the National Gallery of Ireland. Using this guide I was able to identify most of the pieces I was seeking out. Here's a run down of what I found:

Fra Angelico – Sts Cosmas and Damian and their Brothers surviving the Stake
Florentine Master – Battle of Anghiari and Taking of Pisa
Ludovico Mazzolino – Crossing of the Red Sea
Lavinia Fontana – Visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon
Rutilio Manetti – Victorious Love
Luca Giordano – Venus, Mars and the Forge of Vulcan
Salvator Rosa – Landscape with the Baptism of Christ
Giovanni Battista Tiepolo – Allegory of the Immaculate Conception
Jusepe De Ribera – St. Onuphrius
Thomas Couture – La Peinture Realiste
Jean-Leon Gerome – Guards at the Door of a Tomb
Adam De Coster – A Man Singing by Candlelight
Gerrit Van Honthorst – A Musical Party
William Claesz Heda – A Banquet-piece
Anthonie De Lorme – Interior of the St. Laurenskerk, Rotterdam
Jan Steen – Marriage Feast at Cana
Domenicus Van Wijnen – Temptation of St. Anthony
Jacob Xavery – Garland of Flowers hanging from a Bough
George Barret – Powerscout Waterfall, Co. Wicklow
James Arthur O’Conner – A Thunderstorm: The Frightened Warrior
Bartholonew Colles Watkins – Murlough Bay and Fair Head, Coast of Antrim
Harry Jones Thaddeus – Market Day, Finistere and Wounded Poacher
Richard Moynan – Military Manoevres
Francis Dandy – Opening the Sixth Seal
Daniel Maclise - Marriage of Strongbow and Aoife
Aloysius O’Kelly - Mass in Connemara Cabin
Claesz Hede - Still Life with Silver Tazza, Roemer and Tankard

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